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Addiction Counseling

Perhaps you find yourself living a life you don’t recognize. While you had control over your use and behaviors in the past, it now feels like substances are controlling you. Maybe your relationships are suffering and you’ve begun to see the negative impact of use on your work life and your health. The guilt and shame can be suffocating. It can feel like there is no hope.

At Bridger Peaks Counseling you are not alone. We believe addiction is just another form of coping with the pain and suffering of life. Our licensed addiction counselors can help you identify and heal emotional trauma and learn the tools to transform your life.

Bridger Peaks Counseling offers individual and group addiction counseling services. Utilizing a trauma informed, client centered approach, our therapists will help you throughout your journey of recovery.

Some of the issues addressed in addiction counseling include:

  • Alcohol Use Disorder

  • Stimulant Use Disorders

  • Opioid Use Disorders

  • Cannabis Use Disorders

  • Sedative Use Disorders

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Shame Resilience

  • Feeling State / DeTUR EMDR Protocols