Meet the Bridger Peaks Team: Caitlin Brandl

Introducing Caitlin Brandl, Mental Health Practicum Intern.  Caitlin will start with BPC&RC in February 2018!  

Read a little about Caitlin and her approach to counseling below:  

In this chaotic world, I believe we are all trying our hardest to do our best with the cards we are dealt. Humans are complex. Life is dynamic. It is full of ups, downs, twists, and turns. And sometimes we need some help navigating through the storm. It takes courage, persistence, and vulnerability to grow, change, and find meaning in our experiences. If you are considering therapy, I would be honored to walk alongside you on your journey.

I am driven by the belief that at our core, we are hard-wired for connection and a sense of belonging. To me, connection means that you feel seen, heard, valued, accepted, and energized from the relationship. I believe a trusting therapeutic relationship can help you heal, come alive, and cultivate resilience and hope. My goal is to help you discover your inner strengths, become more self-aware, learn new perspectives and skills, and make choices that lead to more fulfilling relationships, and a balanced, healthy life.

As a U.S. Coast Guard veteran who grew up in the Midwest and lived on both the East and West Coasts, I have a diverse background. I have worked with adults who have experienced all types of trauma, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, relationship and career stress, and difficult life transitions, including military and adjustment issues. I have two years’ experience providing career counseling services to people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them break down barriers to employment. The past two years, I have worked as an advocate with adult survivors of domestic and sexual violence dealing with crisis. Currently, I am a pre-licensed counselor finishing my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Trauma and Crisis Counseling. I look forward to working with adults of all ages.

Trauma can be an isolating experience. To open up and be vulnerable, you must feel comfortable, safe, and accepted. My approach is down-to-earth and nonjudgmental. I will provide a safe place for you to be you. Unfiltered.