Caroline Whisman-Blair, MSW, SWLC

None of us escape this life without suffering or painful experience.  Our real work is to face our pain, befriend ourselves, and find a path in life that brings us meaning and joy ― not despite our experience, but through our experience. 

I deeply believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to bring healing and lessen suffering in life. My desire is to partner with you to ease the pain of living, to find healing, and to provide a safe space to grow into the wholehearted person you long to be.  

My hope is to meet you right where you are in life and to create a safe space for growth. A place where you can make the changes you want, to live the life you hope for.

My degree is an MSW from Eastern Washington University in Washington State. I am experienced in the treatment of anxiety and depression, grief, self-harming behaviors, maladaptive behaviors, and adjustment to chronic illness. I utilize an internal family system philosophy with various person-centered and behavioral techniques, self-compassion, and mindfulness techniques. I am currently under the supervision of Wendy Gwinner, LCSW and Rachael Dunkel, LCPC until I finish my license with the Montana Behavioral Health Board in 2019

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Caroline, you can contact her directly at (406) 219-8359 or through the contact us page.